Professional Graffiti shop.
We are artists of streetart from the 80’s and have seen born this culture, the year 1994 we create the company Impaktesvisuals to give services of decoration, perform spaces and graphic services to companies and particular that bet for this art.
The year 2005 we open the shop Impaktesvisuals GraffitiShop & Gallery, all a referent in the world of the streetart for the skilled people in this special world.
Offer a personal and professional deal assistance as with material and with projects and realisation, as well as collaborating in events, workshops and activities related with the graffiti.
We offer all the colors of products MontanaColors: sprays, markers, books, magazines, T-shirts, & more…
And we represent also other brands of material:
Molotow (Burner Chrome 600/Premium400/Acrilic400ml)
NBQ (400ml/500ml/750ml.)
Kobra (400ml/600ml)

Moleskine ( Books and blocks of quality)
Krink (inks and Markers)

from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 13’30h and from 17 to 20’30h
Thursday opened until late 22’30h
Mondays (concerted visits via mail or 937262499)

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