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From July 4 to 31

In an increasingly technological world, where new forms of communication play an ubiquitous role in contemporary society, there is a need to question, criticize or draw attention to the truth: we are a little lost in this complex virtual world. We watch a congestion of applications, games, chats and digital tools developed to capture the attention of addictive way. Human communications are reinvented daily in a growth of impersonality. Where is the humanity of the individual? How do you manage the boundaries between automatism, self-determination, content, information and the detachment of reality?

The constant search for the representation of a subversive universe, leads to 2CarryOn to develop the series “Homo-Corvus”, a collection where the stroke repeated in a dense texture, forms the dark and figurative side of a curve that assumes the preponderant role of the action, a personification – type, a reflective criticism of the past, present and future. A black portrait of society.

2CarryOn, an illustrator, muralist and visual artist, from Lisbon, soon discovered his interest in drawing, having begun to paint walls in 1997. The main direction of his work is based on the combination of different techniques and styles for that purpose to find the vision that best represents your vision.