Tenemos a disposición de los artistas un espacio donde exponer el nuevo arte emergente, un lugar en el centro de Sabadell (Barcelona) donde mostrar las nuevas tendencias, estamos abiertos a cualquier propuesta o sea que animaos…
Si quieres exponer, envíanos una muestra del que haces a;

Horario: de martes a sábado,
de 11 a 13’30h y de 17 a 20’30 h.
(Lunes solo visitas concertadas)
Jueves abierto hasta las 22’30h con Sesiones de Dj’s,drinks & Chillout

The Gallery.
ImpaktesVisuals is an exhibition space for artists and a meeting open to the newest artistic trends and alternatives in any of its forms.
Artists who wish to exhibit in our gallery we offer a professional treatment, transportation, Airport pickup, workshop attached to the gallery, possibility of accommodation …
The city.
ImpaktesVisuals is at the center of Sabadell reinvented industrial city in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Just 20 km. Barcelona’s city center, accessible by subway and rail, the location and idiosyncratic features of this city offer the opportunity to live with guest artist and local artists perform a dive in the customs and way of life Catalan society.
Moreover, the usual public gallery ImpaktesVisuals is mostly local and the rest of the state, so far away from artistic circles in Barcelona, with a high number of people abroad, but also more globalized and commercialized.